Matt Vague

I’m a software developer from Vancouver, Canada. I specialize in building high quality iOS apps backed by fast, stable Ruby on Rails data storage APIs.


MyForesome makes it easy to coordinate a round of golf with your buddies.

  • Native iOS App
  • Ruby on Rails data storage API
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Watch It

Watch It allows you to pick your favourite teams and the conditions that make a game worth watching to you. If a game matches, you'll be notified, otherwise you'll be advised to avoid 3 hours of misery.

  • Native iOS App
  • Ruby on Rails data storage API
  • Game-analyzation library

Postcards From the Plane

Postcards From the Plane is an app that allows customers to design and send a real postcard anywhere in the world from Lufthansa flights.

  • Ruby on Rails API
  • Postcard compositing library
  • Admin application and reporting tools

My career in software started way back in 2002 building ugly websites in Frontpage. Since then, I've graduated from Capilano University with a diploma in Interactive Design, worked on better banking at VersaPay and Simple, helped rebuild Flow App and worked in MetaLab's amazing consulting department.

In my latest act, I've entered the consulting world building iOS, Ruby on Rails, and Javacript applications for clients with big ideas.

Currently accepting new work!

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